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"The stories of the making of modern medicine, told by the men who were there. Dr. Karl Meyer, at the age of 86, recalls his own contribution to the study of Western Encephalitis."
Topics: Karl F. Meyer, disease ecology, microbes, microbial behavior, infectious disease, disease control,...
In the 1930s California’s rapid population growth and the incursion of agricultural settlers into valleys and deserts teeming with exotic pathogens resulted in outbreaks of "new" infectious diseases. To divine the cause of these outbreaks and trace the epidemics to their source, health officials turned to San Francisco’s premier "microbe hunter," Karl Friedrich Meyer. Drawing on Meyer’s papers at the UCSF and Bancroft libraries, Mark Honigsbaum, PhD reviews Meyer’s...
Topics: Karl F. Meyer, UCSF, disease ecology, microbes, microbial behavior, host-pathogen interactions,...